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supported on Mac OS X. Note that the font file is not loaded into memory; it is just added to the list
of font files.
The list of search directories can be cleared at runtime with the function ClearHostFonts().
If system fonts are enabled (default) DynaPDF adds the default font directories of the operating
system automatically to the list of font search paths (Windows and Mac OSX only, see
SetUseSystemFonts() for further information). On Windows this is the %WINDIR%/Fonts directory
as well as fonts listed in the Registry and linked fonts.
On Mac OSX the following directories are added to the list of font search paths (in this order):
Return values:
If the function succeeds the function returns the number of found font files (this is maybe not the
number of available fonts, because the list is cleared each time all fonts in the list are processed
during font selection). If the function fails a negative error code is returned.
LBOOL pdfAddImage(
const PPDF* IPDF,
// Instance pointer
TCompressionFilter Filter,
// See below
TImageConversionFlags Flags, // See below
struct TPDFImage* Image)
// Image structure
typedef enum
= 0,
// PDF or TIFF output
= 1,
// PDF, JPEG, or TIFF output
= 2,
// PDF or TIFF output -> B&W CCITT Fax G3 compression
= 3,
// PDF or TIFF output -> B&W CCITT Fax G4 compression
= 4,
// TIFF or GIF output -> Much faster than flate
= 5,
= 6,
// TIFF, PNG, or BMP output -> Dithered black & white.
// The resulting image is compressed with Flate or left
// uncompressed if the output image format is a bitmap.
// If you want to use CCITT Fax 4 compression (TIFF
// only) then set the flag icUseCCITT4.
= 7
// PDF or JPEG2000 output
= 255, // TIFF output only
typedef enum
= 0, // Default
icUseCCITT4 = 1
// Use CCITT Fax 4 for dithered images.

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