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Function Reference
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SI32 pdfAddValToChoiceField(
const PPDF* IPDF,
// Instance pointer
UI32 Field,
// Handle of a combo box or list box
const char* ExpValue, // Export value (can be NULL)
const char* Value,
// Visible choice value (required)
LBOOL Selected)
// Select this values?
This function adds a value to a choice field. The parameter Field must be a handle of a combo box or
list box. The parameter ExpValue defines the export value that will be submitted to a web server if
the value is selected in Adobe's Acrobat. The export value can be an empty string (NULL) and it is
possible to use one export value for multiple values.
The parameter Value is the visible text that can be selected inside the combo box or list box. Value
must be a unique string inside the combo box or list box values. Value is required; it must not be an
empty string.
If the parameter Selected is true the value appears as selected value in Adobe's Acrobat. List boxes
support multiple selected values depending on whether the flag ffMultiSelect was set or not (see
SetFieldFlags() and CreateListBox() for further information). If the flag ffMultiSelect is not set, a
selected value disables all others (default).
This function is implemented in an Ansi and Unicode compatible version. Because Unicode is not
supported by interactive form fields, it is recommended that Unicode values contain characters of
the actual used code page only. At time of publication CJK strings are not supported.
Return values:
If the function succeeds the return value is 1. If the function fails the return value is 0.

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