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Function Reference
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#define mfUseUnicode
0x01000 // Use always Unicode to print text
#define mfUseTextScaling
0x04000 // Scale text (see description)
#define mfNoUnicode
0x08000 // Avoid the usage of Unicode fonts
#define mfFullScale
0x10000 // Scale coordinates to Windows size
#define mfUseRclFrame
0x20000 // See description
#define mfDefBkModeTransp 0x40000 // Initial backg. mode is transparent
#define mfApplyBidiAlgo
0x80000 // Apply the bidirectional algorithm
// Obsolete flags -> These flags are ignored, do not longer use them!
#define mfUseSpacingArray
0x0020 // Enabled by default
#define mfIntersectClipRect 0x2000 // Enabled by default
The function returns the conversion flags used to convert enhanced metafiles to PDF. The return
value is a bit-mask. Use a bitwise and operator to determine whether a specific flag is set. The
conversion flags are described in detail under SetMetaConvFlags().
LBOOL pdfGetMetadata(
const PPDF* IPDF,
// Instance pointer
TMetadataObj ObjType, // see below
SI32 Handle,
// Object handle or -1 for the catalog object
BYTE** Buffer,
// Address of a BYTE* pointer
UI32* BufSize)
// Address of an unsigned integer variable
typedef enum
mdoCatalog, // The global XMP stream of the document (no handle needed)
// Parameter Handle must be a font handle
// Parameter Handle must be an image handle
// Parameter Handle must be a page number
mdoTemplate // Parameter Handle must be a template handle
The function can be used to access the optional metadata streams of pages, fonts, images, pages,
templates, as well as the global metadata stream that is associated with the Catalog object. Metadata
streams are in XMP format that is a superset of XML.
The global metadata stream will be created when this function is called. The returned stream is a
preview of the XMP stream that will be stored in the file when CloseFile() or CloseFileEx() is called.
Note that the creation and modification date will be updated when the file is closed (except if the
stream will be modified or replaced with SetMetadata()).
The original global XMP stream of external PDF files can be accessed with GetInMetadata().
Metadata streams are optional and maybe not present. The function returns true if no error occurs,
also if no metadata stream is present. The caller must also check whether the parameter BufSize was
set to a value greater zero to determine whether stream data was returned.
The parameter Buffer is assigned to the original stream buffer, if any. DynaPDF is the owner of this
data. Do not modify or free the returned memory block.

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