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Function Reference
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If set, interactive form fields are imported if any (also called AcroForm).
Form fields are also annotations, but this type is handled separately.
If set, LZW compressed streams are recompressed with Flate, the
Interpolate key of images is deleted if set, embedded files are not
The PieceInfo dictionary contains arbitrary application defined data. The data
in this dictionary is meaningful only for the application that created the data.
If set, only font objects are imported to enable high performance
enumeration of the fonts used in a PDF file. The PDF file must be
deleted with FreePDF() after the fonts were enumerated. See
EnumDocFonts() for further information.
If set, all types of link annotations are imported when importing a page
within an open page with ImportPageEx(). The entire document should
be imported in this case.
LBOOL pdfSetImportFlags2(
const PPDF* IPDF,
// Instance pointer
TImportFlags2 Flags) // See below
typedef UI32 TImportFlags2;
#define if2MergeLayers
0x00000001 // See description
#define if2Normalize
0x00000002 // Replace LZW compression with Flate, apply limit
// checks, repair errors if possible
#define if2UseProxy
0x00000004 // Load streams on demand
#define if2NoMetadata
0x00000008 // Ignore metadata streams attached on fonts, pages,
// images, and so on.
#define if2DuplicateCheck
0x00000010 // Perform a duplicate check during PDF import. See
// description below.
#define if2NoResNameCheck
0x00000020 // Useful in viewer applications
#define if2CopyEncryptDict 0x00000040 // If set, the encryption settings of an encrypted
// PDF file are copied to the new PDF file. The flag
// does nothing if the file is not encrypted.
The function sets optional flags to control the import of external PDF files. The flags are defined as a
bit-mask; multiple flags can be combined by using a bitwise or operator.
This function cannot fail; the return value is always 1.

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