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Function Reference
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The function can be used the change the maximum number of error messages which can be stored in
the internal error log. It is normally best to restrict the number of error messages especially when
importing PDF files because damaged PDF files can produce hundreds or thousands of warnings.
See also GetErrLogMessage().
The default value is 100.
SI32 pdfSetMaxFieldLen(
const PPDF* IPDF, // Instance pointer
UI32 TxtField,
// Text field handle
SI32 MaxLen)
// Maximum string length or zero if not restricted
The function changes the maximum count of characters which can be entered into a text field. A
value of zero determines that the string length should not be restricted.
Return values:
If the function succeeds the return value is 1. If the function fails the return value is 0.
SI32 pdfSetMetaConvFlags(
const PPDF* IPDF, // Instance pointer
TMetaFlags Flags) // see below
typedef UI32 TMetaFlags;
#define mfDefault
0x0000000 // No flags
#define mfDebug
0x0000001 // Insert debug comments
#define mfShowBounds
0x0000002 // Show the bounding boxes of text
#define mfNoTextScaling
0x0000004 // Do not scale text records
#define mfClipView
0x0000008 // Clip the output rectangle
#define mfUseRclBounds
0x0000010 // Use the raw bounding box rclBounds
#define mfNoClippingRgn
0x0000040 // Ignore clipping regions
#define mfNoFontEmbedding
0x0000080 // Don't embed fonts used by the EMF
#define mfNoImages
0x0000100 // Ignore image records
#define mfNoStdPatterns
0x0000200 // Ignore standard hatch patterns
#define mfNoBmpPatterns
0x0000400 // Ignore bitmap patterns
#define mfNoText
0x0000800 // Ignore text records
#define mfUseUnicode
0x0001000 // Use always Unicode to print text
#define mfUseTextScaling
0x0004000 // Scale text (see description)
#define mfNoUnicode
0x0008000 // Avoid the usage of Unicode fonts
#define mfFullScale
0x0010000 // Scale coordinates to Windows size
#define mfUseRclFrame
0x0020000 // See description
#define mfDefBkModeTransp
0x0040000 // Initial backg. mode is transparent
#define mfApplyBidiAlgo
0x0080000 // Apply the bidirectional algorithm
#define mfGDIFontSelection 0x0100000 // Use the GDI to select fonts

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