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Function Reference
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If set, the rclBounds and rclFrame rectangles are used as is to calculate the
picture size.
DynaPDF tries to identify invalid bounding boxes by default so that EMF
files with invalid bounding boxes can be converted. The EMF converter uses
the rclBounds rectangle to calculate the picture size if the resolution of the
EMF file seems to be larger as 1800 DPI which is quite unusual.
This is mostly an indication that the rclFrame rectangle was incorrectly
calculated since EMF files are typcially created in a much lower resolution.
If you need to process such high resolution EMF files then disable the
bounding box check.
LBOOL pdfSetMetadata(
const PPDF* IPDF,
// Instance pointer
TMetadataObj ObjType, // See below
SI32 Handle,
// Object handle or -1 for the catalog object
const void* Buffer,
// Pointer of the stream buffer
UI32 BufSize)
// Buffer size in bytes
typedef enum
mdoCatalog, // The global XMP stream of the document (no handle needed)
// Not yet supported
// Parameter Handle must be an image handle
// Parameter Handle must be a page number
mdoTemplate // Parameter Handle must be a template handle
The function sets or replaces the XMP metadata stream of a specific object. The function deletes the
XMP stream if no buffer will be provided.
If the global XMP stream of the Catalog object should be replaced then proceed as follows:
Set the wished output PDF version with SetPDFVersion().
Get a preview of the XMP stream with GetMetadata().
Modify the returned stream as needed and save it with SetMetadata(), finished!
The above steps make sure that the XMP metadata and document info contain the same values. This
is especially important for PDF standards like PDF/A or PDF/X. DynaPDF makes sure that the
creation and modification date will not be changed when closing the file.
Return values:
If the function succeeds the return value is 1. If the function fails the return value is 0.

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