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We can assume that it doesn't make sense to create dozens of fonts due to the idiotic definition of
the Type3 font format. This function creates exactly one Type3 counterpart for a standard font with
the graphics state parameters when the font is first used. If the font will be used with another draw
mode later then the function returns immediatly with an error and no PDF file will be produced.
If a stroked version of a font was created then it does not check whether the line cap style, line join
style, line dash pattern or line width will be changed if the font is used with the same text draw
mode later.
PDF/A 1b:
When creating new PDF/A 1a or PDF/A 1b files, the following features are prohibited:
The fill or stroke alpha constant in an extended graphics state must be 1.0 if present (see
Transparency groups, blend modes, as well as alpha channels in images.
Layers (CreateOCG(), CreateOCMD() and all related functions).
Annotations which are not defined in PDF 1.4. Highlight annotations cannot be used since
these annotations require the blend mode Multiply.
Form fields (form fields will be flattened if present). Note that check boxes use the font
ZapfDingbats which is mostly not present on a Windows system.
Embedded ICC profiles with a major version higher than 2. Version 4 profiles cannot be used
in PDF/A 1 files.
PDF/A files cannot be encrypted. The usage of CloseFileEx() or CloseAndSignFileEx() is not
All features which are not defined in PDF 1.4.
PDF/A 2b or 3b
PDF/A 2b or 3b based on PDF 1.7 and hence support more features like transparency or optional
contents (layers). The only difference between PDF/A 2b and 3b is that the latter version supports
also embedded files. The following features are prohibited:
Annotations which are not defined in PDF 1.7.
Form fields (form fields will be flattened if present).
Overprinting is permitted but the overprinting mode cannot be set to 1 if an ICCBased
CMYK color space is used. Due to implicit color conversion rules this applies also to
Application events are prohibited in PDF/A 2 and 3 (see AddOCGToAppEvent() for further

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