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Function Reference
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The combo box at "Printing Allowed" sets the flag rsPrint if printing should be disabled. The combo
box at "Changes Allowed" sets the following flag combinations:
rsModify + rsAddObj
Commenting, Filling in form fields and signing: rsModify
Page layout, filling in form fields:
No additional flags!
Any except extracting pages:
No additional flags!
As you can see above the third and forth options set the same flags. The forth value is just a
duplicate of the third with another description.
The check box "Enable copying of text, images, and other…" sets the flag rsCopyObj if it is unchecked!
Multiple flags must be combined with a binary or operator.
The input mask for the key lengths kl128bit (Acrobat 5) and kl128bitEx (Acrobat 6) look nearly
identically. However, only the latter one supports the additional flag rsExludeMetaData.

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