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The first combo box at "Printing Allowed" contains now three choice values which sets the following
Low Resolution (150 DPI): rsPrintHighRes
High Resolution:
No additional flags!
The second combo box at "Changes Allowed" sets the following flags:
rsModify + rsAddObj + rsFillInFormFields + rsAssemble
Inserting, deleting, and…: rsModify + rsAddObj + rsFillInFormFields
Filling in form field…:
rsModify + rsAddObj
Commenting, filling in…: rsModify
Any except extracting…: No additional flags!
The check box "Enable copying of text, images, and other…" sets the flag rsCopyObj, if unchecked!
The check box "Enable text access for screen readers…" sets the flag rsExtractObj, if unchecked!
The key lengths klAES128 and klAES256 support also the flag rsEmbFiles only. If this flag is set all
other flags are ignored becaus the PDF file is left unencrypted in this case (with exception of
embedded files).

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