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Function Reference
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const UI16*
// Caption of the up state
// Template handle of the up state
// Handle of an OCG or OCMD or -1
typedef enum
// Default
// No caption; image only
bcpCaptionBelow, // Caption below the image
bcpCaptionAbove, // Caption above the image
bcpCaptionRight, // Caption on the right of the image
// Caption on the left of the image
// Caption overlaid directly on the image
The function returns the most important properties of a field. The parameter Handle must be a valid
field handle. Field handles are simple array indexes into the field array of the global AcroForm
object. To enumerate all fields of a document execute the function in a loop from 0 though
GetFieldCount() -1.
The member StructSize must be initialized to sizeof(TPDFFieldEx) before calling the function.
The member GroupType specifies the subtype of a field group. A field group is a set of fields which
have the same name and type. Such fields contain always the same value with exception of check
boxes. If a field group consists of check boxes the export value is also taken into account.
However, a set of fields with identical names are internally stored in a group field. The group type
specifies the field type of the group, e.g. ftText if text fields are stored in the group. A field group
cannot contain different field types. An indication whether a field is a child of a field group is an
empty field name because the field name is taken from the parent group field in this case. Radio
buttons are identically organized, but the field type is set to ftRadioBtn in this case.
The page number is not set for group fields and radio button fields because these field types are not
directly used on a page. The children of such fields appear in a page but not the corresponding
group fields. This behaviour must be taken into account when enumerating fields with
GetPageFieldEx() since these field types do never occur when enumerating fields on a per page basis.
However, the parent handle is always set if a field is a child of another field.
Inherited attributes of a field group are automatically set to the children of the group. So, there is no
need to merge the values of the parent group field with the ones of its children.
The background and border color can be set to the special value NO_COLOR which means the
background or border is transparent. The color space is set to DeviceRGB in this case.
String values can be either in Unicode or Ansi format but only one format is set at time.
The parent field and the children of a field (member Kids) can be accessed with GetFieldEx2().

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