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Function Reference
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// Required, an array of numbers that shall be taken pairwise, defining
// points in geographic space as degrees of latitude and longitude,
// respectively.
// Number of values in the array.
// Optional, an array of numbers that shall be taken pairwise to define
// points in a 2D unit square.
// Number of values in the array.
const char* PDU1;
// Optional preferred linear display units.
const char* PDU2;
// Optional preferred area display units.
const char* PDU3;
// Optional preferred angular display units.
The function retrieves the properties of a measure dictionary. The parameter Measure must be a valid
pointer of a measure dictionary. Such a pointer can be returned by GetImageObj(), GetViewport(),
ParseContent(), and other functions. The member StructSize must be set to sizeof(TPDFMeasure).
Two different types of measure dictionaries are available: one for rectilinear coordinate systems and
one for geospatial coordinate systems.
The member IsRectilinear specifies which type was returned. Depending on the type different
members of the structure are set. Take a look at the comments in the structure definition to
determine which values will be present.
The function returns pointers of the original values. Do not modify or free any value!
A rectilinear measure dictionary contains one or more arrays of Number Format dictionaries. These
objects can be accessed with GetNumberFormatObj().
To determine how measure information can be used please have a look into the PDF Reference 2.0,
ISO/DIS 32000-2, Section Measurement properties.
Return values:
If the function succeeds the return value is 1. If the function fails the return value is 0.
UI32 pdfGetMetaConvFlags(
const PPDF* IPDF) // Instance pointer
typedef UI32 TMetaFlags;
#define mfDefault
0x00000 // No flags
#define mfDebug
0x00001 // Insert debug comments
#define mfShowBounds
0x00002 // Show the bounding boxes of text
#define mfNoTextScaling
0x00004 // Do not scale text records
#define mfClipView
0x00008 // Clip the output rectangle
#define mfUseRclBounds
0x00010 // Use the raw bounding box rclBounds
#define mfNoClippingRgn
0x00040 // Ignore clipping regions
#define mfNoFontEmbedding 0x00080 // Don't embed fonts used by the EMF
#define mfNoImages
0x00100 // Ignore image records
#define mfNoStdPatterns
0x00200 // Ignore standard hatch patterns
#define mfNoBmpPatterns
0x00400 // Ignore bitmap patterns
#define mfNoText
0x00800 // Ignore text records

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