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Function Reference
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Structure TPDFStack:
The matrix represents the current coordinate system (user space). The
matrix is already pre-multiplied because the function returns only when a
text showing operator was found.
This matrix represents the text coordinate system in which all text
properties are calculated. We call this coordinate system text space. To
enable the calculation of the text position the matrix must be multiplied
with the matrix ctm.
x, y
These members are no longer used. All positioning operators are already
included in the text transformation matrix tm.
The font size measured in text space used to display the text. The value
must be transformed to user space to determine the visible font size (see
descption below).
This is the current color space in which the color value of FillColor is
defined. If ConvColor is set to true (default) the value is always equal to
DestSpace. If ConvColor is set to false the fill color is still returned in a
device color space but the color space can be changed arbitrary often.
Colors of complex color spaces, such as Separation or DeviceN, are always
converted into the alternate color space. If the original or alternate color
space is an ICC based color space the color value is returned as is and the
color space is set depending on the number of components. The ICC
profile is not invoked to calculate the color value in the device color space.
Future versions of DynaPDF maybe use the ICC profile to convert the
color into device color space.
This is the current color space in which the color value of StrokeColor is
defined. The color space is set in an identical manner like FillCS.
The fill color represents the text color if the text draw mode is dmNormal.
Depending on the draw mode the fill and stroke color can be invoked to
render the text.
The stroke color can be ignored if the text draw mode is not dmStroke,
dmFillStroke, dmStrokeClip or dmFillStrokeClip since it is then not used
to render the text.

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