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Function Reference
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#define mfRclFrameEx
0x0200000 // See description
#define mfSrcCopy_Only
0x0800000 // See description
#define mfClipRclBounds
0x1000000 // See description
#define mfDisableRasterEMF 0x2000000 // Disable the EMF rasterizer
#define mfNoBBoxCheck
0x4000000 // Disable the bbox check
// Obsolete flags -> These flags are ignored, do not longer use them!
#define mfUseSpacingArray
0x0020 // Enabled by default
#define mfIntersectClipRect 0x2000 // Enabled by default
The function sets specific flags to control the conversion of metafiles. The flags are described in detail
on the next page. This function cannot fail the return value is always 1.
This is the default behaviour. No specific parameters are used for
metafile conversion.
If set, the EMF record names are printed to the content stream which
produces a specific output. Open the PDF file in a good text editor
such as Textpad to view the output. The PDF file must not be
compressed if this flag is used, otherwise you can't see the debug
strings. Compression can be disabled with the function
If set, the bounding boxes of text strings are shown by inserting a
stroked rectangle. Use this flag if text strings appear misplaced.
If set, text strings are not scaled and no kerning space will be applied.
EMF files contain sometimes an invalid spacing array especially when
the original string was substituted from an Arabic code page. In such
cases, characters do overlap. To avoid this effect disable the usage of
the intercharacter spacing array; all strings are then printed without
scaling or kerning space.
If set, the metafile is drawn into a clipping rectangle in the size of the
metafile or currently defined view. This flag should always be set if a
user defined view is used. See InsertMetafileExt() for further
If set, the bounding box of the EMF picture is used to calculate the
position and picture size. This can be useful if the rclFrame rectangle
contains invalid values which avoid proper positioning and scaling of
the graphic.

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