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If set, the rectangle rclFrame of the EMF header is used to calculate the
picture size. This flag is primarily used to convert EMF files which
were originally created from non-portable WMF files. Set this flag if
the EMF picture appears wrongly scaled.
If set, the initial background mode is set to transparent. SetBkMode
records still override this state. The default background mode is
opaque in the GDI. This state causes that a rectangle is printed in
background of any text string, also if the rectangle is not required.
Especially if text strings are printed as single characters the opaque
background can drastically increase the resulting file size due to the
many rectangles. This flag should always be set if the EMF or WMF
files do not initialize the background mode to the required value.
If set, the bidirectional algorithm is applied on Unicode strings. This
flag must be set to process Hebrew text correctly.
If set, DynaPDF uses a GDI device context to select fonts. This flag can
be set to make sure that DynaPDF selects exactly the fonts which the
GDI uses to render to EMF file.
If set, and if the rclBounds rectangle is larger than rclFrame,
InsertMetafile() extends the output rectangle according to rclBounds
and uses the resulting bounding box to calculate the image size
(rclBounds represents the unscaled image size).
This is probably the correct way to calculate the image size. However,
to preserve backward compatibility the default calculation cannot be
If set, images which use a ROP code other than SRCCOPY are ignored.
This can be useful when processing Excel 2007 spool files.
If set, the EMF file is drawn into a clipping rectangle in the size of the
rclBounds rectangle. This flag can be useful if the EMF file contains
objects outside the rclBounds rectangle.
If set, EMF files are no longer rastered to an image if the file uses ROP
codes which combine background and foregound colors. Many EMF
files use such ROP codes but it is often not required to raster the EMF
file because many ROP codes which combine background and
foreground colors have no effect if no other object was drawn in

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