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Function Reference
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Default value = 1 (true)
Color key masking is never applied on images with an alpha channel.
LBOOL pdfSetUseVisibleCoords(
const PPDF* IPDF, // Instance pointer
LBOOL Value)
// See description
The property specifies whether DynaPDF should consider the coordinate origin and the crop box of
a page to calculate the position of an object. The crop box crops a page, but the paper format (media
box) is left unchanged. The media box represents the coordinate system of the page. The bounding
boxes are described in detail at SetBBox().
The coordinate origin of the media box or the crop box (if specified) must normally be considered
when drawing contents on a page. SetUseVisibleCoords() simplifies page editing since no further
considerations are required to place arbitrary contents on a page.
The functions GetPageWidth() and GetPageHeight() return the logical width and height if
SetUseVisibleCoords() is true. However, only these two functions consider this property. Functions
like GetBBox() or GetInBBox() return still the original values.
Default value = 0 (false)
LBOOL pdfSetViewerPreferences(
const PPDF* IPDF,
// Instance pointer
TViewerPreference Value, // Preference
TViewPrefAddVal AddVal)
// Parameter of the preference if any
typedef SI32 TViewerPreference;
#define vpUseNone
0x00000000 // No preference is set
#define vpHideToolBar
0x00000001 // No parameter
#define vpHideMenuBar
0x00000002 // No parameter
#define vpHideWindowUI
0x00000004 // No parameter
#define vpFitWindow
0x00000008 // No parameter
#define vpCenterWindow
0x00000010 // No parameter
#define vpDisplayDocTitle
0x00000020 // (PDF 1.4) No parameter
#define vpNonFullScrPageMode
0x00000040 // Key, values see below
#define vpDirection
0x00000080 // (PDF 1.3)
#define vpViewArea
0x00000100 // (PDF 1.4)
#define vpViewClip
0x00000200 // (PDF 1.4)
#define vpPrintArea
0x00000400 // (PDF 1.4)
#define vpPrintClip
0x00000800 // (PDF 1.4)
typedef SI32 TViewPrefAddVal;
#define avNone
#define avNonFullScrUseNone
#define avNonFullScrUseOutlines 0x00000002
#define avNonFullScrUseThumbs

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