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WriteFText adds a bookmark which gets a destination of the type
dtXY_Zoom, and the x, y coordinate will be set to the position where
this tag appear (the y-coordinate system is the baseline plus leading),
the zoom factor is left unchanged. The parameter of the tag is the
bookmark's title. Note that the title is not printed onto the page. To
print the bookmarks title onto the page, add the string behind the tag
"\\BM[My first bookmark...]My first bookmark..."
The bookmark title and the string that appears on the page can be
This tag creates a list. The tag has three parameters which must be
delimited with a comma. The first parameter defines the left margin of
the list character measured from the x-coordinate of the output
rectangle. Positive values move the list character to right, negative
values move it to left.
The second and third parameters are optional; they define the list
character that should be used and the distance between the list
character and the text. The list character must be a valid character
index of the font Wingdings-Regular, or it must be an index into the
current list font if set (see SetListFont()). It is also possible to create a
numbered list:
If no value is defined, the character index 159 of the font
Wingdings-Regular is used as list symbol. This is the same
character as you see in this list.
A value between 32 to 255 is treated as character index of the
current list font. If no list font was set it defaults to the font
Wingdings-Regular which is normally available on all Windows
operating systems. Make sure that this font is available under
Linux or UNIX.
Values in the ranges 0 to 31 and 256 to 999 are not valid; the list
will not be created.
Values greater or equal 1000 are used to create a numbered list.
The function subtracts 1000 from the number and prints the
resulting number as list symbol plus a dot using the current
"\\LI[10,1001]This is a numbered list!\\EL#" =

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